When do babies start to walk?

And no, there really is no textbook answer on this one...


There are lots of firsts when you have a baby and oh boy, when your baby starts walking is a big one.


And while conventional wisdom says it usually happens between 10 and 12 months, there are bound to be some that walk sooner and some later.

Exactly when your little one will walk is totally unknown – until the day they do it, that is.

Though there will, of course, be hints that it’ll happen. Once they’re cruising around the furniture, you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be long before they’re toddling off unaided.

We decided to ask our mums on Facebook and our forum what age their babies walked

Here’s the average age that MFM babies started walking…

“My son started walking at 11 months. I was so proud and smug,” says Kat1906. “Well he’s 15 months now, I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I wish sometimes he would just sit down as he no longer walks.

“He runs, climbs and tries to kill himself on a daily basis and I can barely keep up.

“So now when people ask if he’s walking there is no smugness is my voice…just exasperation when I say yes!”

Mary D had a really early walker: “My daughter was around 8 months, I am hoping my son who is 5 months is a baby a bit longer.”

Shemika K had some young walkers too: “9.5 months for my oldest, 8 for my youngest.”

But not everyone had the same experience, and some waited much longer for their little ones to start toddling.

“20 months!” says Helen H. “She was slow rolling and sitting too – couldn’t sit unaided until 9 months! She’s now a happy and healthy 6 year old.”

And Monica H says: “My eldest was 17 and a half months and my youngest was 19 months! Both ‘late’ – but now there is noooo stopping them!!’

And, of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that just because your first child walks at a particular age, doesn’t mean the others will follow suit. 

Jacqui J tells us her first child walked at 10 months and her second at 15 months – proving there’s definitely no one-size-fits-all answer to this one ?

When did your little one start to walk?

We’d love to know, so tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook!

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