My baby has dark green smelly poo: what does it mean?

What does dark green smelly poo mean for your baby and should you take them to your GP if they have it? We've got expert advice from Dr Philippa Kaye on this one...


It’s amazing how fascinated you can become by poo once you’re a mum, right? ? But should you be worried if it looks dark green – and is unusually stinky?


Quite a few women on our forum have been chatting about this – mum chunggigi asks: “Not the nicest of topics but just wondered if anybody’s LO has dark green smelly poos?

“I mentioned it to the Health Visitor who said any shade of green or brown is considered safe but I thought I’d post for re-assurance. Is the colour normal?”

KirstieL had a similar situation: “My LO is 8 weeks old and I had him on [one formula milk] and just changed him to [another], today his poo is dark green and very smelly. Will this change as his body gets used to the new formula?”

Dark green smelly poo: What the doctor says

We checked in with our favourite GP, Dr Philippa Kaye, on this one.

First off, she advised that if your baby’s on formula – or if you’ve recently moved them onto formula, then that alone can change your baby’s poo in terms of smell, consistency or colour.

In terms of dark green smell poo, specifically, she says that a change to greenish poo, in a child who is otherwise well in themselves, is most likely to be dietary.

“Sometimes,” she adds, “your baby may have slime in the poo which can be greeny coloured.

“Sometimes that happens if they are drooling and swallowing loads of saliva like when they are teething, or if they have a tummy bug.”

As always, though, if you are at all concerned or your child is unwell, do seek medical advice.

You can visit Dr Philippa’s dedicated website here

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