Having appendix removed improves fertility

Those without an appendix may have less cause to worry when it comes to getting pregnant


While many women have expressed concern that having their appendix removed might affect their fertility, researchers from Dundee University have actually found that the operation could increase a woman’s chance of getting pregnant!


The study revealed that out of 76,000 women who’d had an appendectomy, 39% had fallen pregnant with their first child within 10 years. Of 152,000 women who hadn’t had the surgery, only 28% had started a family.

Older reports had suggested that the trauma of having the appendix removed might affect a woman’s chance of starting a family, so the surprising findings are good news for women who’ve suffered from appendicitis in the past.

The researchers are now planning further studies to uncover the relationship between fertility and appendectomies. But the procedure is usually only performed to treat appendicitis. ‘We are not saying that woman should have an appendectomy to increase their chances of fertility,’ says Mr Sami Shimi, a surgeon who worked on the study.

‘But the results do show that women who need an appendectomy should not worry about fertility problems.’

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