If you’re having IVF on the NHS, then you’ll probably already be aware that there are significant wait times in between giving the go ahead and beginning the first part of your treatment.


Here’s what you need to know...

What are the wait times for IVF on the NHS?

You can generally expect to have a wait time of up to or around 4 months, if you’ve been able to receive funding for IVF on the NHS.

The Human Fertility & Embryology Authority (HFEA) suggests that how long you wait for treatment really depends on your local area - and its Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

There’s no two ways about it - these wait times really do vary. Sometimes, they might be a bit shorter. Other times, it may take much longer.

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"Many NHS clinics in England now work to an ’18 week policy’,” explains the HFEA website.

“Which means that you should be ready to start fertility treatment within 18 weeks of your GP referring you to the fertility clinic."

Our mums reveal their IVF NHS waiting times

As expected, our mums have found a huuuge difference in how long they've waited for IVF treatment to start, given that they all live in different parts of the country...

"They have said it's usually about 2 week until you hear back from them with an approval [of your NHS funding]" said Karen, who is a member of our MadeForMums community.

"My Dr said to me, once that is done, the process can start pretty quickly. I am booked to go back in March (enough time for test results and NHS approval) and he said we could get going in April/May time."

"I have been given 2 years as the waiting time," says Samantha.

"That's in East Sussex which is why we have started saving to go private. You might find it quicker in your area as it certainly does differ depending on your postcode."

"The wait for me if I decide to go for IVF at Gateshead is 18 weeks," Claire added.

Excluding wait times, how long does IVF process actually take?

The entire IVF process - from starting treatment - should take around 2 months. We’ve got a full breakdown of what that process looks like right here.

By the end of these 2 months, you'll know whether or not you are pregnant, says Harley Street Fertility Clinic director Dr Geetha Venkat.

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