Your periods play an important part in getting pregnant. For more, see the ThinkBaby article Your Menstrual Cycle and Fertility.


Obviously whilst you are taking the contraceptive Pill, your periods are not being regulated naturally, and when you come off the pill, you will want to see a return to a normal cycle.

Periods after the Pill

Although most women will see their menstrual period return within a month of stopping the Pill, and some even as soon as two weeks, not all women's bodies are the same.

Just as in the cases of women who don't or who have never taken the Pill, sometimes other factors can affect the delay in your period arriving. These include being very overweight or losing a lot of weight suddenly, being stressed (although sometimes the lack of period can add to the stress unfortunately), and sometimes being ill can delay your period too.

There are also certain conditions, such as PCOS which can affect the regularity of your period.

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Periods, the Pill and Pregnancy

It is not essential that your periods are on a regular cycle in order for you to get pregnant, but being regular and getting back on track can really help as part of your regime when trying for a baby.

Many women ask, When am I Most Fertile? and Understanding your Menstrual Cycle is central to answering that question.

It is not necessarily true that you will have any more trouble getting pregnant if you have taken the Pill for a long time or a short time, but that can be a factor for some women.

Getting your Cycle Back on Track

Given that some women even get pregnant whilst on the Pill, it is not always the case that you need to leave a long gap between coming off the Pill and starting to try for a baby.

However, some women like to make some time to get their bodies back on an even keel (also using this time to perhaps start taking folic acid.

Allowing about six months usually helps you to begin to see a regular menstrual pattern again.

Having a regular menstrual pattern can also be useful when you see your GP and midwife team, in order to get as accurate a Due Date as possible, once you are pregnant.

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