The complementary approach to getting pregnant

The complementary approach to getting pregnant naturally - How to get pregnant with alternative therapies



Acupuncture may help you get pregnant by improving conditions such as endometriosis and balance hormones. For men, it may improve sperm count, concentration and motility. Call the British Acupuncture Council: 020 8735 0400.



Another natural fertility booster which works on the musculo-skeletal system and may help release pressure on the spinal nerves that connect with the uterus. Call the General Chiropractic Council: 020 7713 5155.

Homeopathy and herbal remedies

Both may eliminate hormone imbalances and correct menstrual problems that can stop you getting pregnant. Consult a homeopath and/or a herbalist before you take anything. Call the British Homeopathic Association on 0870 444 3950 or the British Herbal Medicine Association on 01202 433 691.

Flower remedies

Based on homeopathic principles, these are available from chemists and health food shops. She Oak, an Australian Bush Flower Essence, is recommended for fertility problems.

Where you can find support:

  • – Foresight, the Association for the Preconceptual Care, also offers advice on natural ways to boost fertility. For more information contact 01483 427 839.
  • – ISSUE, the UK National Fertility Association, offers advice about fertility treatment. For details call 01922 722888.
  • – CHILD, the National Infertility Support Network, supports couples undergoing fertility treatment. For info call 01424 732361.

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