Travel Vaccinations and Conception

How long after travel vaccinations should you wait before trying to conceive?


It’s understandable that you might want to go on one last big adventurous trip before starting a family, but some vaccinations aren’t safe to have while you are trying for a baby, in case you get pregnant during that time.


Vaccinations against disease abroad

Some malaria tablets, like chloroquine and proguanil, are safe during pregnancy. Others, like doxycycline and malarone, should be avoided.

Only mefloquine involves avoiding getting pregnant, while you’re taking it and for at least three months after you stop. Your practice nurse can tell you which one is best where you’re travelling to.


Ideally, you should get your immunisations at least a few weeks before you travel. That means it will be at least a couple of months after you have the vaccine by the time you get back. It should be perfectly safe to try for a baby this length of time after yellow fever or hepatitis immunizations.

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