Vitamin E and conception

Lots of sex and a healthy bod can obviously help you conceive, but did you know there's a certain face-cream vitamin that can be potent too?

Vitamin E is something many women will be familiar with because it figures large in a lot of skin creams and oils. It certainly is great for skin and healthy cells, but it can also play a strong role when you are trying to get your body in the best shape for conception.


Why is vitamin E good for fertility?
There are several ways in which vitamin E makes healthy sense.
It is a great anti-oxidant, it boosts your immune system and it’s great for the body’s essential regeneration and circulation. The less rundown you feel when trying for a baby, the better.
Vitamin E also helps to stop polyunsaturated fats from oxidizing in the body, which is useful in reducing the amount of weight you put on. Although bigger women can get pregnant, figures here and abroad do suggest that women who are very fat or very thin have a decreased chance of successfully conceiving. So making sure your body is synthesizing the food it is taking in properly can only help.
Finally, in lab tests many years ago, rats who were vitamin E difficient showed signs of infertility. When it was introduced to their diets again they became fertile. Some medical research even suggests vitamin E can help alleviate the decline in ovulation in older women.


Good sources of vitamin E
How many times have you heard that leafy green vegetables are good for you? OK, it’s time to start actually eating them! If you’ve always hated cabbage or brocolli, invest in a good Oriental cookbook that’ll show you how to prepare these veg with delicious results.
Nuts are good too. Don’t fret that nuts are fatty. They are, but the fat in nuts is usually good fat – omega 3, for example – and is efficiently burned up by your body. Just avoid nuts that are turned into sweets (chocolate covered ones), roasted in rich coatings, or salted. If you find nuts too boring on their own, try a nice nut and dried fruit mix which adds texture and juiciness to your snack.
Seeds are good too. Sunflower and seasame seeds (so long as you do not have an allergy to them) are wonderful sources of vitamin E and can be enjoyed in salads or as a snack at your desk.
Egg yolk is rich in vitamin E, and it can also be found in poultry and seafood, but make sure you are eating good healthy sources of these.

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