Will I have problems conceiving?

After several miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy and yeasr of trying, I now have a 1-year-old baby. I'm still breastfeeding, but am keen to try for another child, although I haven't had a period yet. Is there any way of telling when, or if, I'm likel


Obstetrician Leonie says: ‘Until your periods start again, it’s difficult to know when or if you’re ovulating, as the usual tests for ovulation such as prediction kits are recommended for use around the middle of the menstrual cycle.


There is a huge variation between women in how soon periods restart after giving birth, depending on hormone levels and whether you’re breastfeeding, but one year is well within the normal range.

Breastfeeding suppresses ovulation and therefore reduces the chances of conceiving; as you reduce feeding, your chances of ovulating again increase, although some women do not resume their periods for two years or more.

Stopping breastfeeding would increase your chances of conceiving, but this is a big decision for you and may not even be necessary, despite your medical history. Many women fall pregnant anyway and continue feeding through the pregnancy with no problems for the nursing child or the developing baby.


The best advice is to ensure you’re taking folic acid supplements and maintain a regular sex life. Try to have intercourse at least twice a week, so if ovulation occurs you maximise your chances of conceiving straight away.’

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