Instagrammer AForeverlyLove, real name Courtney, has 2 kids: toddler Everly and newborn Forden.


She gave birth to Forden just 2 weeks ago, and has been getting real with her 16,500 social media followers about how she’s doing in all aspects of new motherhood.

Specifically, when it comes to what we affectionately refer to as: the shrinking of the bump!

Yep. It’s another relatable, reassuring and let's-get-real post-baby body story ???

Courtney’s 1st post-baby body shot was posted one week after giving birth. You can see her 40-week bump in all its glory on the left, and her tum 7 or 8 days after Forden arrived on the right.

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She looks rather glowy, it has to be said, but her bump’s still there, teardrop-shaped, and her popped-out belly button hasn’t popped back in yet…

(Obviously, because she only gave birth a few days ago!)

“Getting your body back after baby takes time and hard work. It's not going to happen overnight, and definitely not in a week either,” she wrote beside her pic.

“But, I'll continue to breastfeed and stay as active as I can until I get cleared for working out at my 6wk appt hopefully. ??”

What she wrote next, we really, really liked:

“For now I'll just remind MYSELF to be kind about my body and all the hard work it did to grow not only our sweet girl 2 years ago, but also our big healthy 9lb 4oz baby boy a little over a week ago.

“You did good body, you did good. ??☺”

Courtney also shared another update, after the success of her 1st – this time 2 weeks postpartum.

post baby

“Since posting my 1 week postpartum photo I wanted to compare it to another week gone by,” she added. “And I'm happy to report that things are starting to tighten up and my bellybutton is making its trip back inside its cave. ??”

We should add right here: we hope that no one reading this ever, ever feels pressure to start ‘tightening up’ in the first few weeks and months after labour.

But we’re always fascinated to see, however long it takes, how our bumps shrink away and leave us with something… new, and different.

And we're always here for giving ourselves a little pat on the back post-baby. After all, what our bodies do is pretty incredible ?

Thanks for sharing, Courtney ?

Images: Instagram/A Foreverly Love

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