10 baby names inspired by Instagram

Fancy taking baby name inspiration from your favourite filter? Here's our favourite Instagram-esque names and what they mean


Everyone has a favourite Instagram filter, but what about naming your baby after it?


Well, Instagram photo filters such as Valencia, Sierra and Amaro are growing in popularity as baby names.

Of course, they’re all real names in their own right – so we’ve picked 10 of our favourites and found out the meanings behind them…

1. Lark

Gender: girl

From the name of the bird, the Lark is traditionally associated with early rising and cheerfulness – and noted for its sweet song. How lovely.

2. Juno

Gender: girl

Juno is the name of a Roman goddess who was the sister and wife (yes really) of Jupiter. She’s the patron goddess of Rome and also the protector of women and marriage. Of course, the name rose in popularity after the film of the same name from 2007 starring Ellen Page about an unplanned teenage pregnancy.

3. Ludwig

Gender: boy

Ludwig is a German name that means ‘famous fighter’. The most famous namesake is probably Ludwig van Beethoven, the composer and pianist.


4. Aden

Gender: boy

Aden is a Hebrew name that means ‘attractive; handsome; pleasure given’.

5. Perpetua

Gender: girl

A Spanish name form the Latin meaning ‘continuous’.

6. Amaro

Gender: boy

From Native American roots, Amaro means ‘strong’.

7. Hudson

Gender: boy

Hudson is an old English name that means son of Hudd. Hudd was used as a short form Richard or Hugh. Nowadays it’s popular because of the Hudson River in New York.


8. Valencia

Gender: girl

Valencia is the name of Spain’s 3rd largest city and the baby name invokes the orange-scented metropolis.

9. Sierra

Gender: girl

The name of a mountain range in Spain – this name has become particularly popular in America.

10. Willow

Gender: girl

From the name of the tree that’s noted for its grace and the pliancy of the wood.

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