10 of the weirdest birth stories

Birth stories are usually pretty amazing, but can anything top the ways these babies came into the world?


Special delivery!

This mum took a whole post office by surprise when she went into unexpected labour – with the post master helping deliver her first class baby!

Deliever your baby using YouTube!

You-Tube labour

When this man’s wife suddenly went into labour, he checked out some YouTube videos to help him deliver his son!

This mum gave birth in a bus, instead of an ambulance!

Bus baby

Imagine being in the first stages of labour, so you jump the bus to hospital – but don’t quite make it in time… this mum knows exactly how it feels!

An amazing entry into the world…

Toilet seat tot

This little ones mum was in the loo on a train, at the time of her labour – what happened next is something this mum will never forget…

Giving birth whilst driving? Talk about milti-tasking!

Delivery drive!

An American mum-to-be gave birth whilst driving – yes driving! – herself to hospital… Talk about multi-tasking!

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