Her mum didn't want her watching the graphic Channel 4 show, but 10-year-old Trinity Culley secretly watched One Born Every Minute in her bedroom – and her mum's now glad she did!


The quick-thinking schoolgirl was able to put into action the skills she learned watching the labour ward documentary when her mum suddenly went into labour. Jasmin Elizabeth-Rose wasn't due for 2 weeks when Dee's waters brook in the front room of her home in Essex.

"My waters had broken and my husband was on the phone to get his mum to take us to hospital," Dee said. "When it all started happening, Trinity turned to me and said: 'It' s OK mum, I have seen One Born Every Minute. I'll go get the towels.'"


Dad Terry, 34, was on the phone to a 999 operator. "They asked him: 'How far along is she?' and I could hear him saying: 'She' s got two weeks left'," she said. "Then he was saying: 'I can see a face, a hand, there's a body.' "An ambulance arrived between 5 and 10 minutes later, but we had pretty much done everything for them."

Meanwhile, Trinity collected towels and reassured her mum. "She was just amazing," said the mum-of-4, who also has Jade, 2, Samuel, 1. "Words can't express how proud I am of her. I think a lot of girls of her age wouldn't have been so calm and have known what to do."

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Jasmin was born on March 31, weighing 7lbs 1oz. Since the birth drama the mum scolded Trinity for watching the show in her bedroom. "She just said to me: 'But mum, if I hadn't, I wouldn't have known what to do'."

We have to say, we think Trinity has a good point! Would you let your children watch One Born Every Minute? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Cascade News and Channel 4

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