127 cases of measles in anti-MMR area

Health experts say measles outbreak in Mid and West Wales could see a child die.


Mid and West Wales – an area that was at the centre of the anti-MMR campaign – has 127 cases of probable and confirmed measles, reports WalesOnline. In Carmarthenshire, four toddlers under 2 have been hospitalised after catching measles.


Public health experts have said many people in Wales have forgotten how serious measles is, and warn that a child could die from the outbreak. Dr Marion Lyons, from the National Public Health Services for Wales, said, “A death is always a possibility – there’s a mortality rate associated with measles.” Dr Lyons said that globally one in 500 die from measles.

There are four measles outbreaks in Mid and West Wales, accounting for 69 of the 127 cases. The other 58 cases have no clear link to these four outbreaks, and seem more random.

Here’s how to spot the symptoms of measles in your baby and your toddler.

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