12lb 8oz – Britain’s biggest baby girl

Britain’s biggest baby girl weighed twice the size of the average newborn


Baby Libby was a long-awaited daughter for her parents, Gemma and Ian Wood, who already had three sons – but even they weren’t expecting such a big delivery!


At 12lb 8oz, Libby has the honour of being the biggest baby girl born in Britain – after a surprisingly short six-hour labour.

“I just couldn’t believe it when the midwife told me the weight – I thought I was hearing things,” mum Gemma told the Sunday Mirror
Gemma gave birth vaginally, using only gas and air.

“When she was 2 weeks old we took a photograph of her next to my nephew, Thomas, who was born three weeks early. He weighed 6lb 13oz – and she absolutely dwarfed him,” said Gemma.


How big was your newborn baby? 


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