Pregnancy – and how much it changes our bodies over the course of 9 months – is one hell of a rollercoaster.


So it’s easy to forget that the rollercoaster can, sometimes, speed up at any moment.

One day, you can be pregnant and not really showing, then it seems like overnight you’ve suddenly got a bump!

That’s exactly what happened to our forum mum-to-be Michelle, whose pregnancy tum appeared suddenly in the space of a few days, when she was 14 weeks along.

“I’m now 15 weeks today. Didn’t have a bump until 2 days ago and it has sprung out of nowhere,” she wrote beside the amazing snap.

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We are so in loveeee with this pic. It's mind-blowing - and just goes to show one of the many amazing things our mum bodies can do!

Thanks Michelle for sharing. We’d love to know if there was a moment when you noticed your own bump pop?

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Images: c/o Michelle

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