How early will my baby bump start to show?

Our midwife and other mums reveal how soon your pregnancy tummy is likely to appear


You’ve just found out the wonderful news that you are pregnant – congratulations! The thing is, when will everyone else be able to see for themselves?


There is no doubt that your body will soon be changing shape. In particular your tummy will be expanding to accommodate your growing baby: a part of pregnancy that can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting.

It is important to remember that just as every person is different, so is every baby bump. Whether large or small, wide or neat, there are plenty of factors that can affect the size and shape of your bump.

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What our midwife says…

“With a first baby the abdominal muscles are strong and the bump doesn’t start to show until it starts to rise out of the pelvis at around twelve weeks and can be felt just above your pubic bone,” says midwife Anne Richley.

“Some women will be later than this, and women are good at ‘disguising’ or ‘emphasising’ their bump depending on how they feel about others knowing their news.”

It is worth remembering that it is not only the size of your tummy that will be changing. “Your breasts will be bigger by twelve weeks which might also be a bit of a give away, and from from nine weeks of pregnancy you might find that your waist is getting thicker and that clothes feel tighter even though it is not the size of the baby that causes this but more likely to be general congestion as your circulation is more sluggish now, you might be suffering with constipation and also wind,” she explains

And if at some point you decide to have another baby, Anne tells us that it might not be as easy to hide… “With subsequent babies women often start to show earlier, around nine weeks – because the muscles have been stretched before.”

Real mums tell all…

The size of burgeoning baby bumps is always a hot topic in our Forums. Check out what other mums have to say about their experience…

“I’m 23 weeks and my bump is quite big. I have had a bump from quite early on – and this is my first pregnancy. People keep telling me my bump is big and they think I’m further on than I am. Everyone is different so not everyone’s bump is going to look the same, as long as you feel fine don’t worry what they say,” says Vicky_and_Callie

“I turned 15 weeks this morning and have seen a big change in the last week. I had to go and buy two maternity dresses yesterday as my usual dresses were quite literally splitting at the seams! This is first baby and I just looked a bit bloated until now, so am very happy to see a little bump forming!” says lec299.

“I can notice a difference (and the fact that half my trousers don’t do up!) but apparently others can’t… every time I tell someone I’m pregnant they delight in telling me how slim I still am and how I don’t have a bump yet!! I guess they’re just trying to be nice but I loved having a bump last time and can’t wait till I have an obvious baby bump again!” says LittlePinAPod.

“When I was pregnant the 1st time I didn’t really start to show until 20 odd weeks, but at the moment I look pregnant and must only be 7-8 weeks” says TracyValley.

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