The lucky life-saving shoes

They may not be high fashion but waterproof, resin foam cloggs may be the safesty shoes to put your child in! Two children this year survived massive electric shocks thanks to their insulating footwear. In Essex, 3-year-old Harley Sutton-Dormer had his Crocs to thank after he started playing with a faulty hairdryer at a swimming pool.


A month later, toddler Tyler Stone survived a 240 volt shock thanks to the natty footwear.


How a bus driver’s quick-thinking saved a baby girl

The quick-thinking of this bus driver saved the life of 1-year-old Destiny, who had crawled out onto the road. The shocked parents couldn't believe she'd wandered out of the house but the CCTV camera onboard caught the whole incident. One lucky little girl! Check out the amazing escape video.


A budding young cyclist's run-in with a moving bus

Five-year-old budding cyclist Cain Byrne might have been put off his bike for life after crashing head first into a moving bus. Fortunately, he bounced off the bus and landed unscathed out of harm's way.

Perhaps a good idea to keep those stablisers on for the time being...

More on the how the lucky 5-year-old cyclist survived.


One toddler’s meeting with a Bengal tiger

Two-year-old toddler Dianita Barrett got more than she bargained for on a trip to the zoo with her mum Diana. When Diana turned to look at ther daughter, she found her eye-to-eye with Manesh, the zoo's Bengal tiger.

The curious tiger had jumped over a 12ft fence and was roaming free around Jungle Island Zoo in Miami. But the quick thinking mum simply stayed calmed and whisked her daughter up and out of danger.

Find out what/who the zoo staff blamed for the tiger escape!


One child’s 17th floor fall

Thanks to a row of well-positioned palm trees, 4-year-old Joey Williams didn't break a single bone after falling from the balcony on the 17th floor of his family's hotel room.

The child's 80ft fall was broken by the bouncy branches of the decorative palm trees on the holiday resort in Florida. Lucky boy!


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