The Honest Body Project is a pretty amazing website full of pics of women's bodies - real pics, showing the reality of what pregnancy and birth does to us physically.


The images are nothing short of breathtaking and awe-inspiring, leaving you with a sense of real pride at what our bods are capable of - growing an actual human!

And along with the pics, there are some awesome stories too - like Jacqueline's, who photographer Natalie McCain photographed and interviewed after her 3rd section, while the staples were still in her wound.

Natalie writes on the site that she first photographed Jacqueline in 2015 after her first baby was born.

"I visited her the other night and photographed her again, after her third C-section and the birth of her third child.

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"These were taken the night before her staples were removed," Natalie says.

"Her body didn’t fail. Your body didn’t fail. I hope these images touch the hearts of those who struggle after giving birth via C-section."

Powerful stuff, right?


Jacqueline also writes alongside her pics, explaining why she needed 3 sections, and how proud she is of her body, after she and her partner were told they may never have children because of her aggressive endometriosis and family history of ovarian cancer.

It took 4 years of trying before they had their first baby, a little girl, delivered by C-section. Jacqueline wrote at the time:

"I hear a lot of talk from other moms about wishing our bodies didn’t fail. How a 'traditional' birth would have been better, and wondering how we wound up here.

"I can tell you I didn’t plan on a C-section. I didn’t want a C-section…but my body didn’t fail."

Now, after welcoming baby number 3, she writes along side her stunning pics: "This body that has seen surgeries, tumours, three C-sections, and incredible loss didn’t fail me one bit.

"My baby is alive, I’m alive, and no scar or procedure will take that away from me. The scar that almost determined my future, dead ends at the scar that gave me my future."

There's been so much chat lately about stopping labels like 'natural' or 'normal' birth being used - which so many of you applauded - that we have to say we just love this story.

No, your body didn't fail you, Jacqueline, it's totally awesome ✊✊✊

Pics: TheHonestBodyProject

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