Capturing the intimate moments of giving birth on camera is not for everyone, but maternity photographers have long been documenting the unforgettable experience.


But what if you give birth by C-section? Is the birth still an experience that you'd want to remember in pictures? Of course it is, says photographer Jessica Bender from British Columbia.

The maternity photography specialist was asked to document her friend’s C-section, and now the pair have released the photos to show it can be a ‘peaceful and joyful’ experience for mum and baby.

“I could not take my eyes off the surgery,” she tells the Huffington Post. “There were moments where I almost forgot to take pictures, because I was so caught up in the amazingness of it all.

“I've never witnessed any kind of surgery, and this has got to be the best kind out there, so it was very special.”

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The photographer caputured every aspect of the birth throughout the operation to when Carly was introduced to her newborn baby boy, who she's called Elias.

"Most women find themselves with a C-section delivery after not being able to progress with a vaginal delivery, and of course that does bring fear," Jessica explains.

"But I would challenge them to leave that, and any feelings of 'failure' at the operating room door. I'd tell them to greet their baby as they would have if the birth plan had gone exactly the way they had envisioned it.

"C-sections are beautiful too. It is still a family, meeting their baby, it’s a miracle."

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Photos: Jessica Bender Photography

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