Instagram mum Jenny Yu (@me_plus_3_under_3) recently shared her daily routine with her 3 little ones: toddler Carter and twin babies Cooper and Cameron.


We thought it was an interesting read – because Jenny plans her family’s day down to the minute, which is an approach that won't be right (or maybe even possible) for everyone.

It's also interesting because every single of one of us mums has different circumstances from each other, which makes every single one of our routines (or lack thereof) totally unique to us.

So, we thought we'd share Jenny’s and ask you: what’s your routine?

Jenny's routine for 3 under 3

“Everyone asks me how I do it, with #3under3 and being so #outnumbered by my kids.

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“Having experienced a few days of solo parenting with my MIL and Mum unable to help on various occasions I can say it’s not as scary as I thought it would be (lucky as pretty soon the twins will take over the current guest room so I’ll be on my own permanently ?),” Jenny began her post.

“I’m lucky the boys are in a routine so on a good day I know what to expect:

  • 7am - wake and feed twins
  • 7:30am - wake Carter
  • 8:30am - twins nap (they can’t seem to stay up any longer without a meltdown)
  • 8:45/9am - feed fussy Carter
  • 10/10:30am - wake twins
  • 11am - feed twins
  • 11:30am - feed Carter lunch
  • 12 / 12:30pm - everyone nap (including me!!!)
  • 3pm - feed twins
  • 3:30pm - wake Carter
  • 4:30pm - Twins nap
  • Cook dinner before twins wake at roughly 5:30pm.
  • 6pm - feed Carter
  • 6:20pm daddy gets home and I am always relieved to see another adult.
  • 6:30pm we eat
  • 7pm - feed twins
  • 7:30pm - one of us bathes and puts Carter to bed and the other sorts the twins out for bed
  • 11pm - dream feed twins.

“On a good night the twins are up once each and settle quickly, on a bad night they wake up 2/3 times each! I’m hoping solids will help.

“Luckily Carter sleeps through and ignores the twins crying at night. Of course this is on a good day. On a bad day I have no idea what’s going on and just #wingit.

“I wonder how other #toddlerandtwinmums do it?”

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Images: Instagram/Jenny Yu

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