Whose baby is going to be a weaning star?


We asked for families with a baby aged between 4* and 8 months, who were interested in taking part in a national ad campaign to help other parents who are weaning. The campaign will share the diary experiences of three hungry (hopefully) babies and families, in video, pictures and words, for a partnership with Heinz for Baby. We're delighted to say we've had an amazing response - with hundreds of you interested in taking part. A massive thank you from all of us!

Our aim is that the campaign will provide support and encouragement to other parents going through (or about to go through) their own weaning journeys - featuring MadeForMums families at the heart of it all.


Once we've finalised our three weaning families, we'll be asking them to film video, compile diary notes and take some photos of weaning moments in all their mushy glory. .

We’ll also be providing three lovely packages of Heinz for Baby products to use if you wish alongside homemade food.

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The resulting real weaning diaries will be relevant for anyone who is planning to start weaning or is in the midst of lumpy food fun and will be full of honest stories, experiences, tips AND those crazy baby expressions!

  • Please note: We asked for sign up from people with babies aged from 4 months because it takes a few weeks to select our diarists; we won’t be asking anyone to wean their baby before the WHO recommended age of 6 months

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Susie Boone, Editorial Director MadeForMums
Susie BooneEditorial Director, MadeForMums