41-year-old men are less likely to father children

It’s not just women that have a biological clock it would seem; recent studies have found that men become increasingly infertile after they turn 41.


The ability to father a child has been found to rapidly decline after men hit their early 40s, with the odds falling by 7% for each year above the age of 41.


The study was based on 570 cycles of IVF treatment at the Huntington Reproductive Medical Centre in Brazil, using donor eggs from only young and healthy women aged 18-30. The tests showed that the chances of pregnancy fell from 60% at the age of 41, to just 35% when fathered by 45-year olds.

“Men have a biological clock too. It’s not the same as it is for women but they can’t wait forever to have children,” said Dr Paula Fettback, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“They have to think about having children, especially after 45,” added Paula.

Researchers suggested that the decline rate for men to reproduce could even increase as men grow older.

However, other experts have advised would-be fathers not to worry too much. Rod Stewart fathered his 8th child at the age of 66 whilst Nicholas Sarkozy is a new daddy at 56.

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