50 old children’s shows that should be on TV now

From Wacky Races to Hong Kong Phooey to Byker Grove, has your favourite kids TV series made the hot 50?


With the Clangers, Thunderbirds and plasticine man Morph making a comeback this year, the questions is, what other children’s shows need to be resurrected? 


After quizzing a load of people in a focus group (although it’s not revealed how many people or how old they were), MobileSlots.com has announced 50 old faves that are apparently in need of a comeback. Do you agree?

Here are the 50 favourites by decade (although obviously some spanned several decades)

The 50s

1 The Flower Pot Men (Bill and Ben)

2 Ivor the Engine

3 Andy Pandy

4 The Woodentops

The 60s

5 Play School

6 Magic Roundabout

7 Wacky Races

8 The Addams Family  

9 Top Cat

10 Trumpton

11 BatFink

12 The Jetsons (but still going strong in the late 80s)

13 Jackanory (retired in the mid-90s after 30 years)

The 70s

14 Bagpuss

15 Mr Benn

16 The Flumps

17 The Wombles

18 Hong Kong Phooey

19 Jamie and the Magic Torch (got a revival in the 80s)

20 Grange Hill (when it originally started – it ran until 2008)

21 Rentaghost

22 Tiswas

23 Saturday Swap Shop

24 The Moomins

25 Rainbow (but ran till 1991!)

26 The Clangers

27 Take Hart 

The 80s

28 Dangermouse

29 Button Moon

30 ChuckleVision (really?!)

31 He-Man

32 Pingu 

33 Inspector Gadget

34 Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds 

35 Emu’s Pink Windmill Show

36 Willo the Wisp

37 Around the World with Willy Fog

The 90s

38 Playdays

39 Funhouse 

40 Get Your Own Back

41 The Animals of Farthing Wood  

42 The Worst Witch

43 Byker Grove 

44 Art Attack

45 Come Outside

46 Hey Arnold!

47 Rugrats

48 Round the Twist

49 Sabrina the Teenage Witch

50 Astro Farm

If we’ve whetted your appetite, lots of these classics are still available if you look around on cable channels, video streaming and of course, YouTube.

A spokesperson from MobileSlots.com says, “Kids’ TV has changed so much over the years, it’s gone from low-tech puppetry to CGI animated cartoons being the norm.

“It would be great to give a vintage classic like The Wombles or Bagpuss a 21st Century makeover.” Hmmm, we kind of like Bagpuss the way he is…

Tell us below what’s missing from this list.


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