6 of the funniest letters from kids

A 5-year-old girl gets Australian scientists to apologise on the behalf of Australia, plus a child whose pen is running out...


Earlier this week, Australian scientists at CSIRO received this letter (left) from 7-year-old Sophie asking if they could make her a dragon.


She also enclosed a picture of a dragon (below) looking very much like Toothless from the film How to Train Your Dragon.


“Our work has never ventured into dragons of the mythical, fire-breathing variety,” replied the scientists. “And for this, Australia, we are sorry.”

Aw. We’re not sure if the apology – and the subsequent worldwide news coverage – has done anything to dampen Sophie’s dragon-longing for a dragon, bless her.

But we love her letter nonetheless. So, in a kind of mini-celebration of children’s inventiveness with pen and paper, we’ve rounded up 5 more of the funniest letters from kids, below.

Our favourites include ‘Hold on, gonna get a new pen’ and ‘T is for…’

Which is your favourite?

Gallery Credits: Huffington Post

Gulp – not sure the heart will do the trick…


Just gotta get a new pen…


Keeping it simple with multiple choice…


Oops, an easy mistake…


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