6 real-life family stories that made us blub most this year

2013's most tearjerking real-life tales


Kind strangers help a little boy love his glasses

This is Noah Fisher. He’s 4 and he absolutely didn’t want to wear glasses. He cried when his mum, Lindsey, first put them on him – and told her that everyone would make fun of his new look.


So Lindsey turned to Facebook for help. She started a page called Glasses For Noah and asked people to post picture of themselves wearing specs, so Noah could see how many people wore glasses, and how cool they could look.

The page went viral, got tens of thousands of likes – and Noah now wears his glasses every day.


The baby who saved his mother’s life

Nicola Weller had a cancerous tumour growing in her womb.

And, though she didn’t know it, she also had a baby growing there. And when she went to have a scan of her tumour, the doctors not only told her that she was pregnant, they told her her pregnancy hormones had disintegrated her tumour. Incredible!

“Getting pregnant was a miracle in itself – but to find that my unborn baby had caused this tumour to disappear was a further miracle,” said Nicola.

“My baby ended up saving my life. Without him, I may not have been here today.”


Teenager saves coupons to ‘spend’ £600 on Christmas food for those in need

Jordon Cox, 16, made it his Christmas mission to donate food worth nearly £600 to charity – and he bought the whole lot for just 4p, after saving nearly 500 vouchers and coupons from websites and magazines.

The kind-hearted teen spent months collecting his coupons, and then used them to buy three trolleys-worth of food at his local Tesco.

He donated all the food – including Brussels sprouts and After Eight Mints – to Doorstep, a charity that gives food to disadvantaged families.

“The Christmas shop was definitely the best experience of my life,” he says. “I feel so pleased that I could help so many people.”


Facebook and Twitter help reunite a little girl and her lost toy

Train passenger Lauren Bishop Vranch found a lost toy on at East Coast train at Kings Cross.

When the guards weren’t sure what to do, she took matters into her own hands and spent the day tweeting a picture of the toy with the hashtag #lostteddy.

Some kind soul saw her Tweets and started a page on Facebook called Spotted: On The Train – and dad Ben Simpson saw it and recognised his daughter Phoebe’s lost toy. 

“WOW the power of the internet and kind folk,” said Ben. “That’s my daughter Phoebe’s bear – she has been in tears all weekend, and I’ve just shown her the picture and she is over the moon. Thank you all so much!”


Terminally-ill boy gets White Christmas wish

Mason Williams, 3, has a severe heart problem, needs a lung transplant – and longed to see a White Christmas.

So his mum Melodie, knowing how ill her little boy is, set to work raising the money to cover the family’s front garden with 400 litres of real snow, lights, trees and decorations.

“Mason laughed and giggled as he touched the snow,” said Melodie. “He can’t speak but I knew he was loving his treat.

“Watching him was amazing, I will remember it forever.”


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