6 things Kate Middleton should do to prepare for royal baby 2

It's not just about nesting – Kate needs to get Prince George ready for the new arrival too


Since Kate started her ‘maternity leave’ at the end of last month, we can’t help but wonder how she’ll be spending the last few weeks before she gives birth. “I’m due mid-April to the end of April. Not long to go now,” Kate revealed recently. And now there’s speculation that the royal B-day is 25 April – in just over 2 weeks’ time.


So we’re thinking, there are certain things on the baby to-do list that Kate will need to have checked off. And it’s not all about royal baby no 2, there’s also her eldest son Prince George to consider…

1. Decide whether Prince George should attend the birth

Would attending the birth of his younger brother or sister make Prince George feel less jealous of the baby? Sounds weird? In fact, an increasing number of hospitals in the US are relaxing their policies to allow children to be present at the birth of siblings – apparently to help older brothers and sisters adapt better to their new arrival.


When researchers asked parents about the impact on having siblings present at the birth, their findings were mixed. Some believed that young children could be scared by the blood, while others thought the experience could create a bond with the baby. Read more…

2. Buy a present for the new baby to give to big brother George

Whether George is present at the birth or not, he’s likely to feel a little put out by all the attention the new baby gets. So to get things started on the right foot, Kate might want to add to George’s pressie pile, with a new toy. Will George believe his new sibling comes bearing gifts, or is it just a bribe to keep him happy while mum is busy elsewhere? 

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3. Build the royal cot

If the royal nursery isn’t all ready to go, then it’s time to get Prince William to roll up his sleeves and build the cot. Of course Kate can offer builders’ tea and the odd word of encouragement. Where is one’s toolkit?

4. Pack the royal hospital bag

Of course, we expect Kate will have a full glam team on hand post-birth, but there are still certain must-haves that we recommend Kate packs in advance such as her maternity notes and birth plan, hairbands to tie her long hair back and comfy slippers. Oh, and maternity pads. Yes, there are times when even royalty needs pads. Then there’s your after-birth bag, your birth partner’s bag and your new baby’s bag to consider…

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5. Program William’s route to hospital on the sat nav

Prince William will be working as a trainee pilot with East Anglia Air Abulance around the time Kate is expecting to give birth. He’ll be working throughout April on sites in Cambridge, Norwich and Gloucestershire – so he’ll need to know the fastest route from each of these to the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London where Kate plans to give birth. Royal staff have ruled out a helicopter – so he’ll need a need to know the quickest way by road. Best get that sat nav programmed!

6. Go to Nandos 

Ok, so we admit this one’s unlikely, but Kate should prepare for labour by by eating high-energy complex carbs, plus proteins such as chicken and fish. So in the run-up to labour, we think Kate should give the cooking a rest and head to Nandos for a protein-rich half a chicken and come carb-tastic mashed potatoes. She should just make sure to stick to mango and lime if she doesn’t want to kick-start labour with spicy chicken! 

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