60 mums take their demands direct to Downing Street

Mums, dads, children and grandparents marched to number 10 today to personally deliver a “wish-list” of 60 mum-messages to new government


Yoomi’s “Message in a Bottle” campaign culminated today with 60 mums as well as dads, babies, grandparents and children, at the door of No. 10 to deliver their messages in bottles.


Yoomi, who make self-warming baby bottles, asked over 500 mums and dads what they want from their new Government. The 60 top messages were then taken (in Yoomi bottles of course) to Downing Street and delivered to No. 10’s mum-to-be Samantha Cameron.

Requests covered a wide range of policies from bottle-feeding to education, giving mums a platform to voice their concerns. Julie Cook asked the Government to encourage a change in attitudes, saying, “Why should I be made to feel like a bad mummy for choosing to bottle-feed – give us a break and let us make an informed and guilt free decision for us and our family!” Jackie McDevitt asked for Sure Start centres to continue to be supported while Jessica Bryant went so far as to ask for a review of the medical system for children!


Yoomi asked our MadeForMums mums to get involved. Did you go? Tell us about it below!


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