7 mums who stopped us in our tracks in 2016

These stories really stood out for us this year...


This year’s been simply phenomenal in the mum story stakes. You could call it Year of the Mum. We’ve had mums who’ve inspired us, made us cry, and totally divided us, too.


But which were our faves? Take a look…

1. The mum who did the rainbow photoshoot that broke the internet

When Jessica Mahoney shared her incredible image, there were positive gasps around the world.

Jessica had miscarried 6 times before becoming pregnant with her 2nd child. And only then did share this stunning rainbow baby pic.


2. The mum who paid tribute to her ex’s new girlfriend

When a relationship breaks up – especially when kids are involved – it’s hard, and is certainly not always friendly.

So we really admired how complimentary Aubrey Loving was to her partner’s new girlfriend: “A kid can have two moms,” she said, “because, in my eyes, the more people that love her, I’m happy!!!”  ?

3. The’ truth bomb’ mum who got 38 million views

The reaction was pretty split about this no-holds barred vid from mum of 3 Kristina Kuzmin. She made it plain that, when it comes to her children, she’s NOT their buddy; she’s their parent.

Agree? Disagree? Watch the vid for yourself.

4. The mum whose heartbreaking video warns the rest of us about sepsis

Melissa Mead brought us to tears when she told the story of how her little boy, William, died from sepsis, just a few days before his 1st birthday.

So, so brave.

5. The mum hugging her daughter moments before going into labour with her 2nd baby


They say a picture paints a 1000 words, and we were blown away by this simple, but oh-so poignant photo of a mum hugging her  little girl just before she gives birth for the 2nd time.

It resonated with so many of you – and we totally get why.

6. The single mum who reckons lone parents don’t deserve a night off

Mum Paula Winchester ruffled more than a few feathers when she admitted she thought that once you had kids you social life was – and should be – pretty much over.

She said she’d had just 5 nights ‘off’ in 4 years. And while that’s great for her if she’s happy, some of us prefer to get out a bit more if we can, right? Though of course, each to their own…

Yep, this one got us all talking…

7. The marathon-running mum who shared her raw stretchmark pics

Stephanie Rothstein says she’s self-conscious about her post-pregnancy body but she still wanted to share photos of it to empower other mums.

There was nothing glamorous about the shots but also nothing to be ashamed of.

She simply told us: “This sh*t is #keep it real.” ?

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