7 of the hottest toys for 2013

From Middle Earth to techno friends, we round up the toys that'll be firm favourites in the New Year...


LEGO The Hobbit: An unexpected gathering playset, £59.99

With the success of the new film, any Tolkein fan will love this LEGO playset. 


The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering set includes 3 Middle-earth maps, flowers, fence, goblets, plates and food. The house features a fence with gate, barrel, bench, removable roof, tree and leaf exterior and round windows. It also includes 7 weapons (2 swords, 2 knives, a club, a pick axe and a staff).

Is your little hobbit ready for his mini-adventure?

Available from Amazon.


Roar and React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex, £29.99

Little ones will love the super-colourful Roar and React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex. Nearly two-feet long, Boris is a fully articulated action figure, based on the character from the animated show Dinosaur Train. He says more than 70 dinosaur phrases and facts. Press his tail and his mouth begins chomping. Press his tongue, and he makes crunching sound effects.

Available from Toys ‘R’ Us.


Oobicoo, £46.80 each

These plush dolls are one of the winners of the Slow Toy Awards, which aim to capture a child’s imagination using traditional materials and are bound to become family heirlooms.

The same size as a 6-month-old baby and designed to be dressed in hand-me-down-baby clothes so parents don’t have to buy any accessories, this eco-friendly toy is bound to become your toddler’s new best friend. The proceeds of each sale also go to the Children’s Immunology Fund.

Available from Oobicoo.


Kurio, from £149.99

Tablets have been hot for Christmas 2012, and the techno trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2013. Your little one can have a tablet just like mummy and daddy with the Kurio.

It’s ideal for families as it allows each member to have their own individual, age specific, profile. You can choose exactly which websites your child can see, control app downloads, and set a timer on the tablet so your kids can’t play on it all day. Plus, you can change the settings to a more adult-friendly version when your little ones have gone to bed.

The kurio comes in two sizes (7″ and 10″). If you’re concerned about your child dropping this tablet, then you might want to opt for the 7″, which comes with a chunky cover. Suitable from 4 years.

Available from Toys ‘R’ Us.


Sit and Scoot, £79.95

Scooters have been having a moment!

You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone scooting around, and energetic tots will love zooming around on the Sit and Scoot. The seat grows in stages with your little one, so your child can next use it as a ride-on, before graduating to a Mini Micro Scooter.  


Available from John Lewis.

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