7-year-old Coco Arquette decides on reality TV for actor dad David

David had to ask daughter Coco whether he was allowed to appear on Dancing with the Stars


David Arquette has revealed that he had to ask his 7-year-old daughter Coco if he was allowed to go on the American dance show, Dancing with the Stars.


“I said, ‘Coco, what do you think…?’ and she said ‘Well, initially my feeling’s no, but let me go to school and talk it over with my best friend Ashley’,” David revealed, reports Celebrity Baby Scoop.

The Scream actor also admitted that his upcoming appearance on the programme is likely to embarrass his young daughter.

“My daughter Coco is a little worried I’ll embarrass her, and I’m sure I will… But ultimately I think she’ll be excited to see me perform,” said David in an interview with US Weekly.

“I look forward to when maybe she gets past the embarrassment, maybe she’ll want to learn a few moves with me! I’d love to dance with her and have her be a part of this,” David added.

David has split from his wife of 11 years Courtney Cox, who was recently spotted taking Coco to a hair salon, for a day of pampering. The couple are keen to not let their divorce affect their daughter and regularly get together to talk about important issues with Coco.

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