75% of mums find their child’s bed wetting embarrassing

Research reveals that parents are ashamed to admit their child wets the bed for fear of being labelled a bad parent


Despite bed wetting being as common as childhood asthma or eczema, 75% of parents still find it embarrassing when their child wets the bed.


According to a survey by DryNites, the majority of mums and dad still find bed wetting a taboo subject and refuse to discuss it with other parents in case they get labelled a bad parent.

Almost half of the 1,513 parents polled believed that their child wet the bed because something was upsetting them and 24% felt that it was because their child was a deep sleeper. 

Furthermore, 66% thought that their little ones should by dry at night by the age of 4 and 30% admitted that they hoped their child would grow out of it by the time they reached 4-years-old.


If you’re keen to get your child dry at night, read our expert advice from our health visitor and sleep consultant.

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