95% of parents have a favourite child

New book claims nearly all mums and dads love one child more than their other child, and those who say they don't have a favourite are lying


Jeffrey Kluger has sparked controversy claiming 95% of parents have a favourite when it comes to their children in his new book The Sibling Effect: What the bonds among brothers and sisters reveal about us.


“It is my belief that 95% of the parents in the world have a favourite child, and the other 5% are lying,” said Jeffrey, reports the Daily Mail.

Almost ironically, Jeffrey has added, “The only exceptions are my wife and me.”

According to Jeffrey and his book, studies show that dads are more likely to love their youngest daughters more, while mums are prone to preferring their eldest son.

While only 19% of mums admitted to having a favourite child in a survey published this summer by Today/Parenting.com, Jeffrey puts this statistic down to parents not wanting to say the taboo and admit they actually do have a favourite.

Closer to home, 88% of mums polled in a UK study admitted to treating their boys and girls differently, even though they considered this to be wrong.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite child?

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