99-year-old granny told by hospital she’s pregnant!

Doris Ayling was certainly surprised when she was asked to attend the antenatal unit at a Portsmouth hospital...


A letter telling her that she was pregnant was the last thing a 99-year-old grandmother expected to receive in the post. So Doris Ayling from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, was pretty taken aback when she received a letter from Fareham Community Hospital asking her to attend their maternity antenatal unit.


Doris – who will turn 100 in November – has 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. But certainly has no plans for any more!

“I was a bit amused by it all. I’ve never been to the Portsmouth hospitals and I don’t know where the Fareham hospital is. It’s a complete mystery to me how I got this letter,” she told the Bognor Regis Observer. “I had three children when I was 20, 23 and 29. That was enough. I’m going to keep the letter because it’s quite a talking point.”

A spokesperson for the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We have written to the lady that was incorrectly sent the appointment letter.

“It was a rare administrative error and we have apologised for any unnecessary anxiety this error may have caused.”

Well, fancy that!

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