A baby bed that’s also a tummy-time mat

The Sleepyhead has been a success in Sweden and now it could create a stir here

…and for Tummy Time

An interesting new baby product caught our eye recently when it arrived at MFM – the Sleepyhead. We’re seeing more and more baby products that have more than one function – and this is another one. It’s a clever first baby bed that can also be used as a tummy time play mat and even a changing mat.


Created by Swedish mum Lisa Furuland, the Sleepyhead is designed to keep your baby cosy and feeling protected while asleep. You can use it as a portable baby bed around the hours for daytime naps, and then pop it in your crib or cot at night-time – particularly useful in those early months when a cot may feel too big and roomy for your tiny baby.

It’s also useful as a travel baby bed for those early months and again can be popped in a travel cot to make a more snug place to sleep.

The clever bit is that as your baby grows, you can use it to help tummy time play – especially if he’s not keen on being on his front for any time. The raised sides give him support when he’s on his tummy and keep his arms free for play.

The slight downside is its price – at 109 Euros (approx £92) it’s not a cheap purchase but the multi-functions give it added value.

Sleepyhead has been a success in its native Sweden, and so it’s now being made available in the UK and USA through the Sleepyhead website. 


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