A breastfeeding apprentice

Apprentice runner-up joins breastfeeding campaign


Mouthy Apprentice star Saira Khan, the runner-up of the first series in 2005, is launching a campaign by the National Childbirth Trust encouraging cafes, shops and other facilities to support breastfeeding.


Saira, 37, presenter of BBC’s Beat the Boss, breastfed her son Zacariah, 1. She said, “I absolutely loved breastfeeding.” She is appealing to women to not feel embarrassed about breastfeeding in public.

Of her own breastfeeding experience, Saira said, “It wasn’t easy at first but I was determined to stick with it, and I’m so glad that I did because for me it has been so rewarding and fulfilling.”

Saira also said that she liked breastfeeding so much she felt upset when it was time to wean son Zac.

Of her role in the NCT campaign, Saira commented, “ I am now promoting breastfeeding because I want other mothers to experience the joy and fulfillment that I did and to give it a go. Plus, it’s cheap, convenient and on tap!”


Have you been kicked out of a café for breastfeeding? Let us know…

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