A fifth of parents regret their choice of baby name

Mums and dads wish they’d chosen less popular names and ones that are easier to spell!


A study of 3000 parents has revealed the names parents most regret choosing for their babies. William, Oliver, Jack, Alfie, Thomas and Joshua were the boys names that caused most regret. On the girls list, Chloe, Ruby, Olivia, Emily, Grace and Jessica all disappointed.


Amazingly, all these names are also in the top 10 most popular UK names. Which might be the problem! Nurseries and classrooms are becoming full of little Alfies and Rubys and that special name suddenly doesn’t feel so special anymore.

We also revealed yesterday that, in America at least, current popular movies and hot celebs are major influences on baby names, but we know their popularity is often short lived.

“Today’s baby name trends move very quickly, so names that seem relatively unusual and quirky can quickly become mainstream and common in the classroom,” said Faye Mingo of Bounty parenting club who produced the survey.

“Choosing a name that you and your child will love for the rest of their life is one of the first most important things that you’ll ever do,” she added.


Even some parents who didn’t regret their choices admitted there were now names they prefer and wish they’d considered when their child was born. To avoid making the same mistake, try our baby namer for inspiration!


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