A mouldy smell could increase asthma risk

Children growing up in homes that smell of mould are twice as likely to develop asthma


The smell of mould could be enough to double your children’s risk of developing asthma, a new study has found.


Mold has been linked to asthma before but this study, which involved 1,900 children living near Helsinki in Finland, suggests that even if there is no visible mold around the house, the smell alone could present a risk.

Mold is caused by damp and is fairly common as heating and insulation are now so good, houses can lack fresh air circulation. Sometimes it’s visible and can even turn walls black in some areas, but milder cases it’s only noticeable as a musty smell that can be irritating for your eyes, nose and throat.

“This study is important for families everywhere,” said Jim Burkhard PhD, who published the study in Environmental Health Perspectives. “Anyone with young children in the home should be aware of the potentially harmful effects of long-term exposure to mold and this potential link to asthma in children.”

If you or your partner have the condition, your child is more likely to be susceptible to environmental triggers that include mold, so it’s even more important to be vigilant.

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