A pint sized Alan Carr toddles away with Yellow Pencil Award

The team who transformed Alan Carr into a talkative toddler for Channel 4 wins advertising prize with hilarious video


Ever imagined what Alan Carr was like as a toddler? Me neither. Fortunately, a team from Channel 4’s 4Creative has thought about it for us, creating a freakishly realistic home video of the chat show host as a tot by superimposing his head on a baby’s body.


The clips, which air as promos for Carr’s Chatty Man talk show have boiled down the essence of the show into a few short sequences. They feature a toddler with the face of Alan Carr playing with his toys while chatting non-stop – much like his adult version on the hit show. 

“We wondered how his home movies may have looked, with him rabbitting away about anything and everything,” said Tom Tagholm who directed the films. For authenticity the team also wanted to capture the essence of the 70s, when Carr was growing up. “If we could capture the look, the itchiness, the orangeness, the sheer rubbishness of the clothes we were forced to wear as kids, I thought we’d be halfway to making the spots believable,” Tom explained.

He told the cameraman to “hold the camera like you don’t have a clue” (to emulate 70s parents!) and Carr was filmed against a green screen. 

The idea won the Yellow Pencil award for advertising from the D&AD who celebrate design and innovation in the advertising industry.


Although the core idea of a grown-up’s head on a baby’s body is “woefully overused”, judge Adam Parry explained that in this case it perfectly captured the mood of the show. He described the promo as “Communication at its brightest”.

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