When it comes to changes in the baby market nothing ‘improves’ quite like nappies. The big name and supermarket brands frequently introduce a ‘new improved formula’.


It's now Pampers' turn as the nappy (or diaper, if you're reading this in the States) company has just announced its biggest innovation in 10 years, a “revolutionary new nappy”.

Not convinced yet? Best to read on, as you'll soon be able to get your hands on a free pack of nappies to test and prove if they can really, ahem, take the p**s.


So what is it?

They are called Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit nappies and they claim to be so absorbent that they won't sag, even with a full overnight nappy.

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Pampers has been developing them for a mindboggling 10 years and have got lots of stats on wee, peeved parents and waddling babies to prove it. So are they really as game changing as Pampers suggests?

MadeForMums attended the launch of the Premium Protection Active Fit nappies and got a chance to play with nappies and the customary blue liquid that you always see in nappy or sanitary product demonstrations.

So first, the Magical Pods. Stay with us...

The major selling point on these nappies is the new Magical Pods (see image above). They're the absorbing 'channels' in the nappy that help evenly distribute wetness throughout the nappy and keep it away from our babies' skin.

According to Pampers, this means the new nappies shouldn’t sag. Plus the Magical Pods make the nappies more flexible so babies can move around more easily when they have a wet nappy.

Then there are Micro Pearls...

The Micro Pearls are the super-absorbent bit. Not to be confused with micro beads, which have recently had a bad press to do with sea pollution, Micro Pearls are made from Sodium Polyacrylate. This is a jelly-like substance that’s known as a super-absorber, which has the ability to absorb up to 200-300 times its mass in water. It's these Micro Pearls that enables Pampers to claim that the new Active Fits are up to two times drier than any other nappy.


We must admit, after playing around with the nappies we were pretty impressed with their absorbency and durability, but it's one thing to pour blue liquid on a nappy, it's another to actually use them. Which is why you can try them out and let us (and more importantly Pampers) know how you and your baby get on.

Take part in the test and you'll also have a chance of seeing your little one become a ‘Pampers baby’ as part of the new launch.

How to get your hands on a free pack of nappies

As part of the new launch, and because it is so sure the nappies are sag free, Pampers are giving away a free pack of its Premium Protection Active Fit nappies on its Facebook Page. For any parent who applies on its website parents can get 3 nappies, both applications will be open between February 22 and March 5.

If you’re happy with the nappies after testing them for a week or so, Pampers will then invite you to upload a video of your baby 'dancing' in their Premium Protection Active Fits, and this video may be featured in a nationwide Pampers advert.

And who doesn’t like watching a video of a dancing baby?

You can also buy Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit nappies from Amazon, Tesco or Asda.




Hazelann WilliamsFormer Reviews Editor

Having been a journalist for 15 years – and Reviews Editor at MadeForMums for five of those – Hazelann has accrued a lot of experience testing and reviewing every baby product imaginable.