A third of parents bribe their children

Survey reveals mums and dads are bribing for better behaviour and for doing chores


A third of parents admit to bribing their children a new survey has found.


MyVoucherCodes asked 1,471 mums and dads how they get their children to behave and help around the house, with 32% admitting to bribing their children to behave, and 29% saying they do it for help with chores. A low 8% said they would never use it. However 11% claimed it was the “Only way” to get their child to do as they were asked.

The top 5 things used as bribery by parents are:

  1. Sweets and chocolate (48%)
  2. Money (44%)
  3. Video Games (37%)
  4. Allowing children to stay up later (31%)
  5. Allowing children to watch certain TV shows (26%)

Do you use bribery in your house? What’s your weapon of choice? Share your thoughts below…

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