Mum’s raw stretchmark pic: ‘We give up our bodies to create our children’

'Women are amazingly powerful creatures' ✊


Anyone knows that having a baby changes your body – sometimes in ways you really don’t expect.


And while here at MFM HQ we’ve seen a fair few of these real and raw post-baby bod posts before, we won’t stop sharing them – because we think they’re really important for mums to see, in a world where so-called ‘perfect’ female bods are all around us on TV, billboards and movies.

We especially love this Instagram post from mum Abagail Wedlake, who decided to bare-all when it comes to her stretch marks, 4 months after having a baby.

Abagail’s selfie shows her lying next to her little girl, her bare stomach and her stretch marks on display.

And alongside the pic, she’s written:

“The love of my life. We give up our bodies to create our children, our bodies change and gain perfect imperfections that we should be celebrating not shaming.

‘Women are amazingly powerful creatures ✊? stop the body shaming. #lovemymombod#postpartumqueen

Well, here here to that ??

Not surprisingly, the post got a tonne of positive reaction.

“Look at those beautiful tiger marks showing off what our bodies are capable of ❤️ I love this and that precious little bundle of joy you created,” commented one fan.

Another said: “You have made me feel so much better [about] mine. I’m currently growing my 2nd child and have hated my body ever since me first – you’ve boosted my body confidence up because [I know] it’s not just me it’s happened too.

“We don’t see this enough. Thank you ? “

We couldn’t agree more tbh – love your tiger stripes, ladies ?

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