Why Abbey Clancy’s 9-month ‘moon’ bump shot is dividing opinion

Some people were offended by how the star had captioned the pic....


The first time we saw a ‘moon’ pregnancy pic similar to this one was from Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel: we thought it was a really novel way of showing just how BIG your bump can get as you reach the end of pregnancy.


Now Abbey Clancey’s shared a very similar shot but with one difference: she’s captioned it in the corner simply with the word “Ugh” and some followers on Instagram took offence to Abbey’s labelling.

“Doesn’t matter how amazing she looks why is is writing ‘ugh’ on it!” said one commenter.

“Some people would do anything to have kids! Let alone complain – for some people everything comes too easy and things are taken for granted!

“She needs to think before writing stuff like that on a photo.”

Another agreed: “What some people would give for that bump!”

And then there was this. ‘What a pioneering post in body positivity for yourself and your followers.”

Blimey ?

Others, though, stood up for the star – like this fan: “Why… are ppl moaning because she wrote the word “ugh” – yes being pregnant is a beautiful thing but it is also very exhausting!!! Jesus look away if u don’t like it.”

And this one who obviously gets where Abbey is coming from: “I feel you. 6.5 months and counting….? X”

And we totally understand that once you’re near the finish line, so to speak, you’re often exhausted, feeling very large and awkward as you carry around your growing baby. 

But, being who she is, a celeb and all, should Abbey have thought twice about using that three-letter word? 

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Pic: Abbey Clancy on Instagram

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