Abbey Clancy shares pics of bonding daughters

These sisters can't get enough of each other


Introducing siblings can be tricky, but judging by Abbey Clancy’s recent Instagram posts she’s having no trouble with her two girls. It seems her eldest daughter Sophia Ruby, 4, is completely enamoured with her baby sister – who was born on 1 June.


The 6-week-old has appeared with her devoted big sister in a series of intimate shots. In the above picture, the girls enjoy a skin-to-skin cuddle in bed. Sophia has a huge grin on her face, while Liberty looks completely comfortable in her arms.


In another picture, the girls wear matching star-print outfits while Sophia cradles the sleeping baby.

“My girls ❤️,” the 29-year-old mum commented.

It looks like they’ll grow up to be fast friends. That said, just wait until they start fighting over toys!

Photos: Instagram / Abbey Clancy

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