Adorable boy comforts tearful girl on her first day at nursery: VIDEO

Don’t worry, I’ll protect you,' the 4-year-old boy promises his homesick new friend



The first day of preschool can always be tricky. But when this 4-year-old girl got a bit teary on her first day at nursery in Taiwan, she quickly found a new friend to comfort her.

“Will Mummy come?” the distressed girl asks.

“Yes, she will,” the boy sitting next to her reassures her kindly. “When you wake up (from napping,) she’ll be here.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

The girl continues to look worried and asks the boy if he will hug her.

He says, “I think I’m too young.”

Bless him. We wish he was there for everyone’s first day of school!


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