Adults hospitalised after taking drugs at child’s party

Adults supervising birthday party found semi-conscious by paramedics.


Seven adults took GBL, a legal rave drug, while supervising a child’s birthday party in Lancashire, and had to be taken to hospital after someone dialed 999, reports the Daily Record.


The adults, aged from their mid-20s to mid-50s, took the drug in liquid form, along with alcohol. They were semi-conscious when the paramedics and police arrived, and police have said parents, relatives and friends were amongst those who needed to be taken to hospital.

Five were taken straight to the Royal Preston Hospital, with the other two were admitted later on. All of the adults either discharged themselves or were sent home later.

Police also stated, “Although it is too early to be certain exactly what the drug was, it is believed to be GBL, a legally available tranquilliser purchased via the internet.”

GBL (GammaButyrolactone) is used for a ‘party high’. It’s very similar to GHB, or liquid ecstasy, and converts to GHB inside the body.


While GHB is an illegal Class C drug, it’s not illegal to take GBL. However, GBL is banned in North America and parts of Europe.


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