Airline’s astonishing ‘Christmas miracle’ stunt made us cry (VIDEO)

Families flying home for Christmas on Canadian airline Westjet are in for the most heart-warming surprise...


Forget in-flight movies and hot flannels, this has to be the best flight experience ever: the families who took this WestJet flight got their Christmas gift wishes granted by Santa. But be warned – don’t watch this in public.


Before boarding, these Canadian passengers were asked to step in front of a ‘video booth’ and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

Present requests ranged from a “really big TV” to “socks and underwear”. But what the passengers didn’t realise was that, as soon as their flight took off, WestJet staff were running to the shops to buy those gift requests and make their Christmas wishes come true. When the flight landed, every passenger had a present wrapped and waiting for them on the luggage carousel. Just brilliant. 

The stunt took four months of planning, and 150 volunteers to pull off. WestJet is Canada’s low-cost airline – wouldn’t it be great to imagine RyanAir or EasyJet doing something like this.

We think John Lewis and Sainsbury’s should take some inspiration from this for their next year’s Christmas ads…

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