Alan Davies: I was accused of assault for protecting my daughter, 4

The Jonathan Creek star hits back at claims he grabbed a man by the throat on family outing


Alan Davies has hit back at claims he grabbed another man by the throat in front of his children. The QI panellist, 48, took to Twitter to deny claims that he “flipped” on the man, who was trying to get past Alan’s family on the stairs at a leisure centre in north London.


“This idiot pushed my 4-year-old old over because he was ‘late’. When I pushed him back, he screamed ‘Assault!’,” the Jonathan Creek star tweeted. “It was unbelievable. Several witnesses told the police that he was the aggressor and had to restrained by staff.”

When asked by a fan about the incident, Alan, father of Susie, 4, and Robert, 3, tweeted: “He pushed my 4-year-old over and reduced my 3-year-old to hysterical tears.

“[My daughter] was hurt but she’s fine,” he added. “I was protecting her.”

Police were called to the Swiss Cottage leisure centre after an alleged assault – but no arrests were made.

But this incident has got us all thinking: what lengths would you go to to protect your child? How would you react if your child was pushed over? Do you have any sympathy for Alan’s reaction or not? Do post a comment below to let us know: we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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