Albert Einstein is X Factor judge according to one third of children

Schoolkids also think Boris Johnson discovered gravity and Pro Green is a scientist


A new survey has revealed British schoolchildren’s confusion about some rather important figures in science and technology.


When asked to identify Albert Einstein, one third of primary school children claimed he was an X Factor judge, while around 35% of five year olds believed that Boris Johnson discovered gravity.

The poll, commissioned by Haier’s Let Children Dream campaign spoke to 1,000 children between the ages of five and 16, and even the older children made some comical blunders.

A quarter of the eight year olds asked not only believe that Stephen Hawking is a hairdresser but also that David Cameron invented the TV.

The results also showed that Professor Green may have confused his younger fans with his professional-sounding stage name, as almost one million school children believe the rapper is actually a real scientist.

Interestingly, children were far more adept at recognising popular modern figures, with an impressive 68% able to identify Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and one in five naming Professor Brian Cox correctly.


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