Alesha Dixon’s CLASSIC parenting struggle with her 4-year-old

Does your little one ever do this? And does it ever drive you MAD in the mornings?


So, 4-year-olds. They’re lush, aren’t they? They’re not ‘terrible 2s’, or ‘terrible 3s’ – and they’re miles away from the screaming, crying baby stage.


But they can also be a challenge in their own right: especially as their inquisitiveness, their personalities and their opinions start to shine through.

39-year-old mum-of-one Alesha Dixon’s riding that wave right now with 4-year-old daughter Azura, and generally, it sounds like she’s having a lovely time of it.

But she did confess in our recent chat that she’s having a bit of back-and-forth at the mo over what Azura’s going to be wearing each day…

She laughs: “To be honest, she just wears what I make her wear. Although, in the last few weeks, it’s been, ‘No mummy, I don’t want to wear that, I wanna wear this’.

“She’s had a strong opinion over the last few weeks of what she wants to wear.”

It also seems she’s wearing a bit of everything – got a bit of a ‘gender neutral’ vibe – going on at the mo:

“She [wears] a bit of everything, really, she loves to wear dresses, she loves trousers, she loves trainers, she loves shoes. [She doesn’t] overthink things, just whatever she feels in the moment, and that’s how it should be.”

OK, OK, we totes agree that it’s great for little ones to express themselves with their clothes.

In the same breath, it can be a total ‘mare when you’re rushing out in the morning and your little one has decided they couldn’t possible wear what you’ve picked out, right?

Or – perhaps even worse – they can’t even decide what they want to wear. They just know it’s not what you’ve laid out for them ?

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When did your little one’s opinion about clothes start shining through? Maybe you still pick for them – and they wear what they’re told?

Any of you got any particularly slow dressers in the morning? Would love to hear your stories ?

Images: Instagram/Alesha Dixon

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